Karate Twins


Till date, have collected morethan 200 medals, Trophies and Certificates from various states, Nations and International level. have are trained with various martial arts like Ninja-Do, Taekwando, Kick Boxing, Muay
Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Silambam and also Yogo.

Extra Curricular Activities

In school, they are participating in drama, dance, elocation & mental development programmes.Apart from martial arts and education, they are going for chess class.They have acted in the awareness short film named ‘Thakkadi’ in 2019.


Srivishakan:He Wants to become an I.A.S Officer
Sriharini: She wants to become specialist in cardiology. Her grandfather died by heart attack. So from that moment, her ambition is only for medicine field especially in Cardiology.